Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Life after Hurricane Maria

Hi my lovelies!
It has been so long since my last post, but life happens and sometimes it happens very fast and hits us very hard.
I live in Puerto Rico and we were visited by to mayor Hurricanes during September 2017.
Hurricane Irma and  Maria hit us as a category 4 almost 5 hurricanes and it had wind gust of 200 mph.
We were left without water and electricity for months, supplies are still short at the supermarkets, most of our Shopping Centers are still closed and those stores that have been able to reopen have very limited  merchandise.
With all this said I have learned the value of family and friends.  Their prayers and help sustained us during those long days and nights.
I am thankful for everything and am fighting to get back to my normal self.
Here is a beautiful video of the recovery process of my island, called Isla Bendita (Blessed Island)
Thank you all for being there when we most needed you and please keep us in your prayers during the recovery process.
We are fighting to get back on our feet and we will do it!
Puerto Rico se levanta!!

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