Sunday, March 13, 2016


Hi everyone!

Sorry I've been missing in action.

My daughter, Julianna, had surgery on Friday, February 26th, and things got kind of crazy around here.

We had known about the surgery for some time, but it was planned for summer.
Julianna suffers Chron's Disease and recently she has been feeling very poorly. Studies showed that her small bowel was having some big issues and that's why surgery was re-scheduled.

Surgery was a long process since there were complications. Approximately 18 inches (45 cm) of small bowels were removed and they found some areas of the colon that were really damaged so they were also removed and repaired.

After thirteen days in the hospital and many prayers she was released from the hospital. She is feeling better and is very happy to be home.

The recovery process will be slow, she is on a very strict diet and glad to be eating home cooked meals instead of hospital's one. No solids are allowed for the moment, the diet is full liquid, but she is still really happy.

I am tired but grateful to see her smile each morning.

There were moments when I thought I might lose her and it broke my heart, but God always found a way to show me his love and to guide me back to my faith (… I am human and had moments of weakness).

Family and friends have been my support. Every visit, every call, every message, but most important every prayer and thought of healing energy helped us through this moment.
Thank you all for been there and please continue praying and sending healing energy.

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